Can Solar Panels help you in the event of a Hurricane?

Solar hurricane

With Hurricane Arthur, the first named storm of the year, brushing the coast of North Carolina weeks before the official start of hurricane season, meteorologists are predicting a very active season in 2020. With hurricanes come property damage, power outages, and much more.

Customers often wonder whether solar panels can withstand hurricane-force winds and whether they’ll continue to provide power when a storm hits. The answer to both of those questions is yes! Solar panels are designed and built to withstand rain, heavy wind, and even hail.

And more than that, solar panels with a battery system allow you to generate your own power if the grid goes down.

Solar Panels Are Built to Last

The biggest threat to solar panels during a hurricane are high winds and heavy rain. When it comes to wind, solar panels have a wind load measured in pascals. Pascals are a unit of measurement that represents a material’s strength and stiffness.

Most solar panels are made to withstand up to 2,400 pascals, which means it can withstand winds up to approximately 140 MPH (a category 4 hurricane). Uplift (when wind gets between the roof and the panels and lifts the panels) is a concern, but this is typically only seen in extreme circumstances and when installation was subpar.

And the heavy rain is no problem for solar panels. They’re designed to be waterproof and water damage is extremely rare, even in hurricane-prone areas.

Can a Solar Panel Generate Energy During a Hurricane?

Yes, but the amount of power it generates will be diminished during rainy or cloudy days.

That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from solar panels if you live in an area that experiences hurricanes. With a battery backup system, you can essentially bank excess energy on sunny days to use when it’s rainy.

During a power outage due to a hurricane, a battery backup system allows you to use the energy you’ve accumulated. And when the storm clears, you’ll be able to generate solar power again, even if the grid is still down.

When you pair solar panels with a battery backup system, you’ll enjoy peace of mind during and after hurricanes. No more going days without power or dealing with potentially dangerous portable generators.

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Dan Lezama, the founder and current owner of Sun Dollar Energy, LLC.

Dan Lezama is the founder and current owner of Sun Dollar Energy, LLC. He is a licensed electrician and general contractor with over 14 years of experience in residential solar installation. If you have any further questions about this article, reach out to Sun Dollar Energy at 919.508.6907.