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Solar shingle installation
Any North Carolina Resident has the option of installing solar electric panels, and low cost solar alternatives on their houses. Fortunately, a homeowner does not need an ideally faced and sloped roof to produce lots of solar energy. In North Carolina, panels installed on east or west facing roofs receive about 85 percent as much solar energy as a south-facing roof. This practice will reduce the cost of a resident’s energy bill substantially. The panel installation may be tempting to do on your own to save money, but having a solar company install them with save you a headache in the long run. If they install them and have a problem, they will come back to fix it. If you install them and have a problem, you’re stuck unless you call a professional to help. A professional also knows exactly how to place the panels for optimal use, and will give you advice on cleaning and maintenance.

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Solar panel installation

The Benefits of Going Green and Installing Solar Panels in North Carolina

Solar Energy is gaining more attention as the years go on. It already has a huge client base, and this base keeps growing. North Carolina has been one of the leading states in solar power and has encouraged its residents to go green for years. There are many different options available to residents and businesses that are looking to expand and go green. This article will cover mounts and installation, home and business solar, solar energy cost, tax cuts, and incentives.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar electricity uses specialized panels to make clean energy from the sun. You can use this energy to power your businesses, cars, and homes. Solar energy is being used to fight the harmful gases that are released when fossil fuels are burned to create electricity. The gases from fossil fuels are the leading causes of air pollution and global warming, and solar power is looking to change this. Solar panels equipped with solar photovoltaic cells are mounted on houses and businesses to use as an alternate fuel source.

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Solar for Ground Mounts – OFF GRID W/ BACKUP BATTERY

Your solar panel installation can be done on both your roof or by using ground mounts. A ground mounting system allows for the business or family to choose an optimal place on their property to get the most use out of the panels. The solar panels should always be installed by a solar company, and this will ensure the homeowner has a professional installation, along with a resource for any questions. These systems are easier to place because they are on open land and don’t require any additional drilling like you would see on a traditional roof mounted system. They are also easier to clean and maintain than a traditional setup. A ground system has a better range of motion, and this enables the buyer to get the perfect tilt for the most sun exposure. The cost for a ground mount system and a rooftop solar panel system are usually the same or a very close comparison, and most companies will offer both and let the buyer choose which option suits their needs.

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As previously stated, it may be tempting to install the panels yourself to save a little money, however, if you have a company install them you know they’re done correctly, and set up for the optimal energy output. You should shop around and get quotes for businesses that service your area, so you get the best deal. Make sure you are very clear with your specifications, the type of system, and how large you want to install. This information will all help you get an accurate quote. The cost of the installation and the cost of solar panels will primarily depend on those factors that are listed above. A professional will come to your house and do a walkthrough to see how the panels will sit with your roof’s angle, and they may do a general walkthrough of your property to see if ground mounting is an option that will benefit you.

Greensboro Solar Panel Incentives

Greensboro solar incentives are a big reason this state of NC has been leading almost every other state for the most solar panels installed in residential properties and businesses.

Solar panels will continue to gain traction as more and more people learn about the incentives to install them. They will start looking at different companies and ask for more solar energy information as they become more vested in the idea of installing their own panels. Since there are a wide range of companies and options to choose from, people will start asking more questions as well as purchasing more systems.


Current incentives are available that cut the cost of installation by 65%. Whether you want to go green or just save some extra cash a solar energy system is a great investment. Federal Solar tax credits are set to expire in 2021. You will want to get installed right away to claim the full amount. Ask us for a free consultation and find out what solar power can do for your home

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