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Solar Panel Services in Raleigh NC

Solar shingles and panels
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Sun Dollar Energy, LLC is family owned and operated, and we offer a wide range of solar energy services to residential homeowners in the triangle. We make it our primary focus to offer exceptional value at a low price.

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Raleigh Solar Panel Installation Services

Raleigh solar panel installation

Our Raleigh solar panel installers first start out by making sure that your home is suitable for solar panels. We will take a look at a satellite image of your home to determine if they will be a good fit for you. Ideally, the roof should be facing south so that your solar panels will be most exposed to sunlight, and there are no trees nearby that could cast a shadow on the solar panels. Next we will discuss your energy needs, as well as your budget, and determine a rough estimate for a solar system that would work for you. Take a look at our solar panel gallery to see some of the work we have done.

Solar Panel and Inverter Systems

We only use the highest quality solar panels and inverters in our solar installations. We are not tied to any manufacturer to give our customer the highest level of choice. We will help you determine what products are best suited to meet your personal goals when we give you a free consultation. Learn more about our Solar PV Systems!

Raleigh solar panels installation

Off Grid Solar with Battery Back Up System North Carolina

With our off-grid solar packages, you won’t have to worry about natural disasters, or your power going out! With a complete battery backup solution hooked up to your home, you can eliminate your energy bill, as well as provide reliable power for you and your family in the case of emergency. We have different off-grid packages available, depending on your energy needs. Whether you just want to have power for your home during an emergency, or you want your home completely off the grid, we can help!

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We offer a free quote over the phone once we discuss your needs and make sure that your house is suitable for solar panels. We take a look at satellite images of your house to make the placement of your house is good for solar panels, and then give you a quote right away.

Certified and Insured Raleigh Solar Business

We Offer The Best Options for Solar Panels & Inverters

We offer a wide range of solar panels and inverters. We have an extensive knowledge of all the products available on the market, and we partner with many different companies to offer the best options for our customers.

Solar Panels: Axitec, Lightway, LG, Solarworld, Helios, Kyocera, ET, Mage, Suniva, Canadian Solar

Inverters: SMA, Fronius, Solar Edge, Power One, Samil, Enphase, Outback.

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Current incentives are available that cut the cost of installation by 65%. Whether you want to go green or just save some extra cash a solar energy system is a great investment. Solar tax credits are set to expire in 2015 for the State and 2016 for the Federal. You will want to get installed right away to claim the full amount. Ask us for a free consultation and find out what solar power can do for your home.

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